Background & Philosophy

aboutCPC was established in 2009 by a team of human service professionals who after many years in the field felt strongly that more needed to be done  as we work to improve the way we deliver support services to our consumers; those consumers dealing with a variety of disabilities such as developmental, mental illness, chronic substance abuse, dual diagnosis, Acquired Brain Disorder and other physical limitations. We believe that meaningful and long lasting positive change must come from True Community Partnership, where society is fully involved, working together to achieve desired outcomes; assisting our loved ones with disabilities to achieve maximum independence and a chance to contribute to their communities.  Our professionals believe strongly that the term “contribution” has to be more than sitting on the sideline watching celebrations, it does not mean admiring fire engines go by. It does not mean sitting back and enjoying wedding celebrations. Above all it does not mean just standing back and watching “things happen” to us. It means providing our consumers with the tools necessary to become those they admire most; medical technicians, police officers, fire fighters, teachers, giving them the chance to organize community activities as coordinators,  and one day to participate in their own weddings. As an organization, we work hard to develop programs that are more targeted, individualized, practical, whose outcome is measurable and can meet the housing, vocational, educational, employment, health and social needs of our consumers while fostering maximum community participation. Community Partners for Change is committed to working in collaboration with all other stakeholders to seek input and provide the type of care that improves lives.

We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach when providing support services to our consumers. Our professionals are encouraged to take the time to build experiences tailored to each person we are fortunate enough to serve.

Our Leadership Team

Joseph M. Ntengeri, Executive Director

Mr. Ntengeri  is one of those people who believes strongly in getting things done through collaboration, partnerships, and long term relationships. With an enthusiastic and genuinely friendly attitude, Joseph radiates a sincere passion for delivering value and benefits to his consumers. Mr. Ntengeri earned his B.S. degree in Marketing at Southern New Hampshire University. He returned to Springfield College where he earned his M.S. in Organizational Management. Joseph belief that with true establishment of community partners, we will be able to join that small rare class of individuals who seem able to build relationships, trust, and rapport with almost anyone, and then are able to broker the relationships and make connections between people, creating partnerships and alliances, and motivating forward momentum to “get things done.” Throughout it all, Joseph has repeatedly proved his ability to lead through diverse and challenging situations. As a human service professional for over 15 years he has an excellent agent of change and documented track record of accomplishments that include the turnaround of chaotic and struggling programs that include; mental health programs that provided both housing and supportive services, special housing “shelter plus care” along with transitional housing programs mainly in southern New Hampshire.  Also, extensive work under the Division of Developmental services; developing, implementing and overseeing community based programs throughout the state that have continued to empower those with disabilities to become more independent, obtain employment and fully participate in their communities.

Angel Ntengeri, Program Specialist

Angel has over 10 years experience in human service, she is in charge of individual program implementation, assessment and ongoing program development for desired outcomes. Angel works with the team to ensure that our limited resources are well targeted for meaningful individual support.

Denise Dawson Smith, RN. Nursing Director

Before completing her nursing training, Denise held a number of different leadership positions both in behavioral health and developmental services. She has over 20 years experience in the field of human service, started as a direct care professional, Denise worked her way up into management, where she developed an outstanding reputation as a fair, determined and successful leader. Her experience include; vocational management, Residential coordinator and currently as a registered nurse. Denise’s duties include; individual assessment, program development and placement with ongoing review to ensure overall quality of care.

CPC Association

  • New Hampshire Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Greater Manchester Workforce Coalition

  • New Hampshire Employment Community of Practice

  • Nashua Business to Business Network (Business Supporting Business)

  • Community Crossroads
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